Billie and Karina

Billie and Karina

The ceremony and reception of Billie and Karina was held in Mt Crawford Forest this past weekend, and was officiated by Merrilyn Williams.

The weather was just perfect – sunny but cool, and the setting was equally perfect – green, lush and natural. Tall gums formed the canopy with Xanthorrhoea and other low shrubs, the backdrop behind the couple as they made their vows and exchanged rings.

Two beautiful women, committed and obviously deeply in love, shared this day with family and friends who cheered them on their way, supporting their desire to be wedded.

They, along with many, many other same-sex couples, would very much like their officiation to be legally recognised.

For some archaic reason, it is not.

This little legal omission however did not dampen Billie and Karina’s day, and Merrilyn carried out the ceremony as professionally and officially as any other marriage ceremony. A truly beautiful day that I was very proud to be a part of.

Read about Australian Marriage Equality here.

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