Sarah’s Beautiful Belly!

Sarah's Beautiful Belly!

I had the pleasure and privilege to photograph some of Humna Suharwardy‘s henna work last week, this time on good friend, Sarah’s beautifully round pregnant belly!

It has been a few months since I have photographed her working, yet it seemed like just yesterday that we worked together. I captured the process from beginning to end, silently grabbing moments and movements of Humna’s skilled hand gripping the henna cone, swiftly yet delicately dancing across Sarah’s skin, forming the scrolls and swoops that gradually revealed the pattern that Humna says she “receives” from the sitter…

Humna is going to be leaving Adelaide after 7(?) years of calling this city her home. Over this time I have grown to love her art and her soul. I (among hundreds of others!) will miss her so much, but know that she is going to broaden her horizons, learn new skills, and grow even more as a strong and independent woman, in London!

I wish you all the love and success possible my dearest friend Humna. Thank you for all you have given, shared and revealed over the years. I hope, as you say, that you will return one day, even if just for a visit. But I hope even more that you find your roots and plant them somewhere else for a while and settle your heart for a time… x

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