Luca on Goolwa Beach

Luca on Goolwa Beach

No photo gallery of mine would be complete without a pic of my girl, Luca. She is my (now) 10 ½ year old Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael). She has been my constant companion for that whole 10 ½ years, as she was assigned to me even before she was born. I held her at one day old, and she came to live with me at 8 weeks.

Luca is my first dog – we had a family dog – Mincie – when I was growing up, but I was never really very close to her for some reason. Whereas Luca is my girl. She is by my side now as I type, and is often found close-by. She greets me when I come home with bounds and squeals of delight. She plays like a puppy still, although she has slowed down considerably in the past year or so. She loves the beach, and is pretty good off-lead, apart from stealing other dogs’ balls!

I have a whole set of photos of her on my flickr, right from that first day she came home with me …

Luca at 8 weeks

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