Flying Fish Café

Flying Fish Café

Photo shoot done for the Flying Fish Café in Port Elliot, South Australia.

Food is a passion of mine at the best of times. I am a self-confessed “foodie”, and have loved cooking (and eating!) from a very early age. The first things I remember knowing how to cook from scratch (and by heart) were mum’s brownies – well before “brownies” were even heard of in Australia.

To be asked to shoot food photos for a high calibre café/restaurant was a dream come true. Especially at the time when I had only had my first DSLR camera (EOS 300D) for about seven months! The chef, Leigh Irish, made it pretty easy for me though, creating gastronomic masterpieces, like this dish – Smoked pork belly with seared sea scallops, cauliflower froth and spiced apple chutney.

I loved this shoot so much, and it really cemented my desire to become a full-time photographer. The adrenalin rush was a big part of it, and is still, each time I shoot something as for a client, who has placed their trust in my ability.

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